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Common Rail Injectors made in Austria

BBI is offering a new generation of injectors achieving power gains and reliability the Cummins world has NEVER seen before. Because of our big range of injection quantity increase we are able to provide the right injectors for street up to race trucks. Our products are manufactured utilizing state of the art engineering standards. We have brought to market a quality level and reliability never seen on the aftermarket before.
With micro precision manufacturing control over tolerances, BBI has eliminated the infamous injector rattle. You will never, ever, hear this weird noise with our injectors.

Your Big Bang Injection team

bbi injectors built to win

Cummins Injectors: first and foremost

We only offer for sale, complete injector sets. We will not sell nozzle sets separately. Perfect quality can only be achieved with complete injector sets. Injector disassembly & reassembly outside of optimum clean room conditions often create their own problems.

Common failures that can occur: incorrect torque values | Mis alignment & contamination are common issues | High pressure Leakage potential due to damage to the high pressure sealing surfaces.

All these failures can lead to a broken nozzle retaining nut. Failures by the injector itself will not be detected

Beside the possible failures we change all the necessary injector adjustment parameters to get the maximum power out of our nozzles.

Note: this has nothing to do with the change of the complete injector setup offered in "Injector Stage 4".

we have over 25 years of experience in developing Bosch common rail injectors

make your truck run better than ever before

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